Even more concise 10 second sermons – Milton Jones

15 06 2014

Most people will know Milton Jones for his stand-up, and as a panellist on Mock the Week.

However, he’s also a Christian, and this book is a mixture of both of those worlds, similar to the first one.

There’s a running theme throughout the book about things we debate on that are not the most important thing – something people don’t normally admit! Some excerpts below:


I like these books of Jones’ as they’re very easy to read in one sitting at less than 100 pages, and yet there’s plenty to them. They make you laugh, but also definitely make you think. One line that definitely struck me was:

“Christianity is not so much a religion, more the beginning of a realisation of how things really are.”

even more concise 10 second sermons

Wisdom from the Jones ladies on Worship

16 07 2013

Just before I went to uni I had drinks with my friend Kim and her mum Shona. All of the ladies in this family have the most beautiful voices, and we had the immense privilege of having Shona leading worship in church on Sunday’s with that beautiful Scottish lilt we miss so much.

The beauty of their voices came up in conversation, and I joked how obviously I’d never match up to them, and they shared this wonderful concept with me, which I now share with you if you’ve never had much confidence in your own ‘worship’ voice.

They told me how God has this worship filter. Where we hear the quality of the voice, that’s all sifted out. What He hears is the pureness of heart, the meaning and sincerity behind what is being sung. That which is sung in all honesty and passion is what sounds most beautiful to Him. You could have the most beautiful voice in the world, but if you didn’t mean a word you sang, it’d sound tone deaf to Him.

What a lovely thought!