Friday five favourite: Comedians

30 10 2015

I love a bit of comedy, who doesn’t?! I’ll nearly always pick something light to watch over something heavy. I’d say my list of favourite comedians is quite mixed – some very mainstream, some much more obscure that you may well not have heard of (unless I’ve talked your ear off about them already!) Maybe you’ll find something new that you like here today! In most cases I’ve just picked one clip per comedian, but if you like it, go on Youtube to find more! Most of these clips are fairly random samples. Here we go, and as always, these are in no particular order:

Dave Gorman – I couldn’t decide which clip I liked more so you get 2 as a bonus!

Milton Jones

Michael McIntyre

Dara O’Briain

Adam Hills

I also really enjoy Jay Foreman who is a comedy musician, so I’ve decided that instead of including him in here, I’ll do my Friday Five Favourite Jay Foreman songs soon 🙂

Even more concise 10 second sermons – Milton Jones

15 06 2014

Most people will know Milton Jones for his stand-up, and as a panellist on Mock the Week.

However, he’s also a Christian, and this book is a mixture of both of those worlds, similar to the first one.

There’s a running theme throughout the book about things we debate on that are not the most important thing – something people don’t normally admit! Some excerpts below:

I like these books of Jones’ as they’re very easy to read in one sitting at less than 100 pages, and yet there’s plenty to them. They make you laugh, but also definitely make you think. One line that definitely struck me was:

“Christianity is not so much a religion, more the beginning of a realisation of how things really are.”

even more concise 10 second sermons

Internet highlights w/c 25 May 2014

31 05 2014

Not every great thing on the internet is funny. A lot is, but there’s a bit of a mixture of moods in the below

Things you didn’t know about Pitch Perfect

Examples of female logic

How to nap for the best benefit – not a humorous thing, actual useful information about the lengths of naps!

Why Coca-Cola doesn’t belong in the human body – I knew it!

Spurious Correlations – margarine sales linked to divorce levels?!

Thinking the kids got raptured

40 adverts that powerfully highlight social issues in a different way

This week’s internet highlights

23 05 2014

I want to cut back on my facebook and twitter posting a bit, and so I thought it might be more effecient if I save the things I see on the internet that I like and amalgamate them into a weekly blog post. I’ll try and settle on a regular date at some point, but as I’m internetless all weekened, this week I’m just posting a few bits from the latter half of this week since I decided this would be fun (and one from last week, that’s just too good not to include).

People who are too stupid for their own good – a bit hit and miss, and rude in places, but some are fantastic!

The first time I saw this one I claimed it was one of the best things I’ve seen on the internet:

And something nice and topical to finish with…