April Fools 2017

1 04 2017

It may have fallen on a Saturday this year, but that doesn’t mean there’s not a VAST crop of stuff to be found! Enjoy 🙂


Internet highlights w/c 22nd June 2014

28 06 2014

A girl writes to Google asking if her daddy can have a day off

Websites you never knew you needed

Fantastic brand responses to Suarez’s mid-game “snack”

How some people see Christians

Weird maths facts


Internet highlights w/c 15th June 2014

21 06 2014

People who tried

Some of the highlights from Jonathan Pearce’s confusion over goalline technology in the commentary on France vs Honduras

Why women live longer than men – although I looked at some of these and thought they seemed pretty ingenius!

The correct way to cut cake

Example of slightly useless men

Why you need to take a sabbath – “if you are doing too much to take a Sabbath, you are doing too much.”




Who would mix skittles and M&Ms?!


England’s World Cup summed up in 6 seconds

this one might be for the ladies only…

Internet highlights w/c 25 May 2014

31 05 2014

Not every great thing on the internet is funny. A lot is, but there’s a bit of a mixture of moods in the below

Things you didn’t know about Pitch Perfect

Examples of female logic

How to nap for the best benefit – not a humorous thing, actual useful information about the lengths of naps!

Why Coca-Cola doesn’t belong in the human body – I knew it!

Spurious Correlations – margarine sales linked to divorce levels?!

Thinking the kids got raptured

40 adverts that powerfully highlight social issues in a different way