Internet highlights – w/c 22nd December 2019

28 12 2019

Christmas Film Facts.

Brilliantly funny Christmas presents.

Celebrities who should marry for the sake of their double-barrelled surnames.

Wedding invite with horrific dress code – and the fallout when it went viral!

Punny business names.

Sponsored ads that learn from your period tracker app.

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The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse – by Charlie Mackesy

27 12 2019

I started to see this book everywhere late autumn this year as I started my Christmas shopping, then the illustrations started popping up all over social media, and really enjoyed them! The author’s instagram account has loads of pictures from the book and more, and I’ve put a couple of examples below.

I put it on my Christmas list, and my brother and his girlfriend got me a copy! I read it in one sitting on Christmas day, in maybe only 20min! It’s very illustration heavy, at most a sentence or two on each page, and the paper is quite thick, so it’s much shorter than it looks.

There is a very loose story going through it, but pretty much each page stands alone as it’s own thought, or even piece of art!

I really loved this, would recommend it! It’s the sort of thing you can probably read several times and get something different out of it each time.

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This is going in the book.

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The Accidental Further Adventures of the Hundred-Year-Old Man – by Jonas Jonasson

23 12 2019

This is the sequel to The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out Of The Window And Disappeared – he certainly enjoys a long title!

Jonas Jonasson actually never intended to write this book – here’s an excerpt from the forward:

“I’d already said everything I wanted to say about what was perhaps the most miserable century ever. The idea had been that if we reminded one another of all the shortcomings of the twentieth century, maybe it would make us better at remembering and less inclined to make at least
those mistakes again. I packaged this message of mine with warmth and humour. Soon the book spread all over the world.

It sure as hell didn’t make the world a better place.”

We start where the last book left off, on an island in Indonesia with Allan and Jules and a fair amount of cash! However around Allan’s 101st birthday things start to get complicated again and before you know it, we’re off on a North Korean ship with a load of uranium…

Where the first book ran two timelines, this just follows from this point onwards, yet we bump into several world leaders and all sorts of trouble. Allan has found himself “a black tablet” which he fast becomes obsessed with, and infuriating for the others he’s with. He’s a brilliant character, ridiculously laid back in even the most stressful situations.

The whole book is just silly funny, even though it sounds so political, it’s all just a bit ridiculous – in a really warm way.

Internet highlights – w/c 15th December 2019

21 12 2019

Images of positive news stories from this year.

Funny receipts.

Potential explanation for ‘Baby it’s cold outside’.

Office dogs who deserve a raise.

Cats in Christmas Trees.

Double Decker bus converted to homeless shelter.

Best Christmas Carol descants.

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Internet highlights – w/c 8th December 2019

14 12 2019

How films & TV get different jobs wrong.

This you might have missed from election night.

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Friday Five Favourite: Christmas Advert Runners-Up 2019

13 12 2019

Those that didn’t quite make my top five this year, but would be included if it was a top ten 🙂






Internet highlights – w/c 1st December 2019

7 12 2019

Aesthetically pleasing Christmas things.

Weird things inside things.

Hidden details in 90s rom-coms.

Ways Gen Z think Millennials are out of touch.

Christmas dinner in a tin.

Most used emojis released by unicode.

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Friday Five Favourite: Christmas Adverts 2019

6 12 2019

As has become another tradition on here, here are my top five Christmas adverts in the UK this year – there’ll be a runners up list next week!

John Lewis

And of course, someone’s done a decent spoof as well!