My car is a “she”

25 03 2014

My car is called Rosie.

  • I’ve had her just over 3 years, she is ten years old, and has her own little personality.
  • If you go over a bump in the road, or even a drain cover, the CD player skips, and sometimes stops altogether.
  • If you sit in traffic and put the windscreen wipers on, the signal cuts out at the top of each sweep.
  • If you unlock the car and don’t do anything after 30 seconds she locks like any other car – but she doesn’t know that you’ve opened the drivers door, so she locks even if you open that.
  • The passenger window only goes part way down.
  • The headlight went about 5 times in 3 years because of a dodgy cable.

There are probably many things I’ve forgotten here.

But she has character, and I love her for it!

I get laughed at for saying she has character, or even that I call her a she or give her a name.

Yet don’t people call expensive boats and cars “she”? I think it gives her value, I don’t think it’s silly at all!
She has her little faults, but she’s dependable πŸ™‚

seat arosa

Walking with your head held high

15 03 2014

When I was growing up, I was always told to “watch where you’re going!”. So I have always tended to walk looking down, about a metre or so in front of me, incase of dog muck, etc on the ground.

And this can sometimes be misconstrued as a self confidence thing.

However, today I found a reason to look up!

Because of the beautiful sunshine I decided that today I would walk to the supermarket rather than drive, and just buy what I could carry. I put my sunglasses on and off I went.

The walk there was wonderful, so warm that I didn’t even have a jumper, and just enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of a spring day. I did a lap of the supermarket, got 2 bagfuls of stuff, and started to head home.

It was even warmer this time (this is a good thing, I am not complaining!), and so my nose started to glow a little. I would say sweat, but there was a book I read as a child that had the following line in it: “Horses sweat, men perspire, ladies glow.” – so I like to use “glow” when I can!

Anyway, my sunglasses kept slipping down my nose, and with 2 hands occupied with shopping bags, I kept having to stop to push my glasses back up, and then carry on. It turned out the only way to stop this happening was to look straight ahead or even up! This doesn’t come naturally to me, but it was my only option!

It’s time to look up!

Which on a pretty unrelated note, got this wonderful song stuck in my head – enjoy πŸ™‚

(Am I the only one who for years thought this song was singing “it’s time to let go”?!)

BHF – Ramp up the Red – …after

7 02 2014

It’s done! Today I raised over Β£100 for the British Heart Foundation just by putting 2 cans of red hairspray on my hair.

I said this morning that I was really scared, I hate to be the centre of attention, so walking into the office to cheering at the hair was not the most enjoyable… But I dealt with it.

The good thing with it being my hair is that I kept forgetting about it, until I popped to the bathroom and caught myself in the mirror, that surprised me each time!

So very grateful to everyone who encouraged me today, everyone who donated, and of course to my housemates for helping out with this creation – and trying not to suffocate on the stuff in the process!


BHF – Ramp up the Red – before…

7 02 2014

On Room 101 last week someone decided to put fundraising into Room 101. His reasoning was that people always choose things they’ve always wanted to do and use raising money for charity as an excuse. You know, sky diving, paragliding, all sorts.

Today I am doing something to raise money for charity that I really don’t want to do. I’m spraying my hair bright red. That in itself isn’t that scary, it’s what that’s going to mean for my whole day.

I really don’t like being the centre of attention, but today I’m going to have no choice. It’s not like I’m going to be able to turn it off for 5 minutes when I want a break. People are going to be staring, asking about it, etc all day. The closest I’ll get to escaping this is hiding in the bathroom, but I’m paid to work, so that’s not really an option! Even the walk between the office and the car at the start of the day when Joe Bloggs and all the world will see – goodness me, this could be the stupidest thing I’ve ever done, why am I even doing it?

I’m doing this to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. Heart disease is the nation’s single biggest killer, and these guys support those who suffer from it, and put research into what we can do about it. Heart disease is massive in my family, it’s an issue close to my heart, so today I’m going out of my comfort zone and beyond to raise money for them – can’t ever say this is something I’ve “always wanted to do”!

Well that’s the before, I guess I should go and get on with it now, it’s spray time! – I’ll post photos here later all being well…..

Oh, and if I’ve tugged at your heartstrings, you can sponsor me here!

An added bonus from the smoking ban!

27 07 2013

On 1st July 2007 smoking was banned in all indoor public places and workplaces in England, quite controversial at the time – it was quite usual to go into a restaurant and end up next to a smoker, maybe there’d be a non smoking section of the room, but you were all still sharing the same air. These days that seems like something fictional; the world has definitely moved on, it’s wonderful!

The rule however does not apply to outdoor places, but this week I noticed a culture shift even in this which really made me smile.

I was shopping in Southampton with my friend Holly from 6th Form College and having a good catch up, we had a lovely lunch at the new Toby Carvery sandwich place, and later, incredible Italian icecreams and took them out to a bench on the high street. After a while, a woman came and sat next to us on the bench, and after a minute said. “Excuse me, I’m just going to smoke, do you ladies mind or would you rather I went somewhere else, I don’t want to blow smoke all over you!”

We said we were just leaving anyway and not to worry (we needed to go back to a shop anyway!), but thanked her for asking and being so considerate. I have never experienced that before, she was perfectly at liberty to sit down and light up, but she went out of her way to check with us first. Who’d have thought it; what a lovely lady!

The smoking ban really has improved things.

Has this ever happened to you before?!

Time to speculate about the next Doctor…

2 06 2013

With less than 24 hours since Matt Smith announced his departure as The Doctor, there is already a tonne of speculation over who will take over the legendary role.

This BBC article lists like a gazillion names, which surely basically means they have no idea?

All I know is that each time they’ve announced The Doctor in the past I’ve never heard of them and I’d not heard any speculation about them becoming The Doctor. For example, here’s the list The BBC put together of possibilities to replace David Tennant – Matt Smith is nowhere in sight!

That said, reading the article this time round, I LOVE the idea of Rupert Grint getting the gig – I’d love to see The Doctor’s reaction to being ginger!

Advent 2012 Bonus #6

31 12 2012

A slightly different take on this years John Lewis Advert

Don’t blink, don’t even blink.

Sleep Survey!

24 11 2012

Two very easy Questions I’m curious on! please click below πŸ™‚ :
Using Survey Monkey


20 10 2012

PSHE is a school subject, not a common one, but one that is compulsory in schools these days I think. It stands for Personal, Social and Health Education.

When I was at school
We had these lessons once or twice a year, and they covered probably only 3 basic areas: 1) sex education, 2) don’t get drunk, 3) don’t smoke

They were trying to explain it on the radio this week and they said it included learning life skills, things like how to write a cheque

Things it should include
How to change a loo roll.
So many places seem to have toilet rolls finished and the next one started without them being changed – maybe this is a life skill to be taught in schools?!

What other life skills do you think need to be taught in schools?


17 08 2012

“I don’t like change. Although there’s a few I’d like to make.”

I overheard someone say this today and it got me thinking, doesn’t this just sum up the negativity of our society?

The Olympics were so great for our countries morale, but it seems we’re now slipping back into what we’re used to: cynicism and grumpiness.

I’m not immune to this, I can be one of the worst, but this sentence just caught up so much of what bothers me. It sort of says “I only want things to change if they change for me, for my benefit.” The selfishness of this society.

Gosh, doesn’t this blog sound negative in itself! Apologies – Happy Friday all! πŸ™‚